Corporate And Private Yoga Sessions

In the comfort of your own home or office...


Private, Corporate and High Intensity Yoga

Private yoga session in the comfort of your own home. We focus on your exact needs. Using the time and schedule that you have available. Fees will depend on the area and the length of the session. R450 per session.

A high-intensity interval training based MONTHLY YOGA MEMBERSHIP that gives you access to 3 x 30min classes/week. First class is always free along with your 10min pre-class consultation.

As the acceptance of, and demand for health grows, the models for delivery of this service become more and more necessary. Elysia brings these services to you, making your life easier. We offer mobile, yoga sessions to corporate customers. We offer services that will contribute to your health, add value to your daily life and overall well-being.



It's my first time. What should I know or prepare? +

No need to worry. We've all been a beginner. All you need to know is that you are in safe hands and that we are excited for you to begin your yoga journey.

How do I make payment? +

We prefer if you pay monthly by debit order or cash. You can also transfer (give to someone else) your booking if you're not able to make it :-)

What are Elysia's banking details? +

FNB Woodlands
Account No: 62322680704
Branch Code: 250655


You guys are kind of pricy. Is there a reason for that? +

We believe in our services and the value we deliver on every single time. We charge directly proportionate to that and thus attract more of the clients we want 😉

What should I know about booking a session? +

We will do our best to make sure to accommodate you with a time and day that suits you best. We want to make it easy for you to stay committed and experience all the benefits of yoga.

I'm new to Yoga. How do I get started? +

Whether a complete newbie, beginner, or advanced, our yoga classes are scaled to your individual needs so you'll feel right at home.

Your first time? Make sure to wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle, and your own mat (if you prefer).

072 297 3161

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